Collateral Design


The Problem

Adventia is a wellness company who created a prevention program unlike any other for the three most common causes of death. Being in the starting phase with a fresh idea, they came to us for full branding and a marketing plan.

Our Solution

We started with forming a name for the company and their program so they can position and sell it as a package. We continued with their story/messaging, landing on a campaign centered on the phrase “Don’t miss out on the events in life that matter”. From that, we created web and print collateral the client can use to inform individuals and employers, which are their broad target markets.

Initially, Adventia had no information to use as a leave-behind to potential clients. We decided it was best to create an all-encompassing piece of collateral that spoke of the benefits Adventia offers, and why their services are greatly needed. To amplify urgency, we graphically emphasized the shocking but true disease statistics. Also, used a more eye-catching and memorable color palette than what is typically seen in the health care industry.