Allie Mounce

Sr. Art Director

Typography, food, internet, cats.

I'm a Memphian born and raised - people usually assume I'm Midwestern because of my non-accent, but if you're around me long enough (or give me white wine) the true Southerner in me will emerge. I've always loved fine arts and illustration, but it wasn't until I very luckily decided to give graphic design a go at UT Knoxville that I found my true passion in typography and branding. There's nothing I enjoy more than getting to know a client's goals and personality and translating that into a unique and successful brand (except possibly sushi).

I joined the Paradigm team as Sr. Art Director in June 2016, where I work with our creative team to produce excellent websites, branding, messaging, and strategy. In the past I've worked other places and done other things like art directing, judging costume contests at the Orpheum Theatre, and grooming dogs. I've even won awards for some of those things - not for dog grooming though, sadly.

When I'm not working I like to waste time on Twitter and Tumblr, cook overly ambitious recipes, watch terrible movies (please watch Xanadu), rearrange my furniture, and work on my various side hustles.