Sarah Hechler

Social Media Analyst

Sarah Hechler

Social Media. Sarcasm. & A Glass of Champagne.

Social media can intimidate a lot of people. I always find talking with them to be very… well, fascinating! Whether I am explaining the importance of building relationships to a small business owner, or telling my grandma ‘poking’ someone is not cyber bullying. I started my social media journey after graduating high school, when I counted down the DAYS until Florida State rewarded me with that pivotal college e-mail to grant me access to Facebook (if you even remember these times… If you don’t, please don’t ask my age). It was a memorable moment when I put my profile together and received the first friend request, never looking back at MySpace or Live Journal. After that day I was hooked! I decided to turn my passion into a profession and in a couple years was handling over 20 local Florida business’s social platforms (talk about the best excuse for always being on my phone!) Social media is constantly changing and evolving, meaning it isn’t a topic you can go to school or read a research article about and suddenly be an “expert”. And unless you evolve with it, you will be left behind. That is why I find it so captivating… One day a post can generate thousands of likes and comments, and the next it will be ignored. To me… Social Media is the most honest form of marketing and advertising, because if companies focus on selling themselves and how “great they are” their audience will disappear.

Not only do I pursue trends in social with the businesses I handle, but also with the love of my life… No not my boyfriend - but my french bulldog, Paxton. (@PaxtonandthePig) Paxton has generated over 7,000 followers with Instagram and Twitter and has received packages of free gifts from companies like NylaBone. Meanwhile I have a whopping 400 and no free stuff!

When I am away from my digital space… I love to read (actual hard copy books), go to the beach, cuddle with my frenchie and attempt some skill at photography.